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ASEAN Heritage Parks

Endau-Rompin Johor National Park

Established in 1993, the 48,905-ha Endau-Rompin (Johor) National Park is the largest protected area in the southern half of Peninsular Malaysia. This ancient rainforest realm in north-eastern Johor is a treasure trove of biodiversity, and a critical habitat so important for the survival of the country’s globally-threatened megafauna, including the Malayan Tiger, Malayan Tapir and Asian Elephant.

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Southernmost prolongation of the Tenesserim Hills in Malaysia. South of the state of Pahang and northeast of Johor
487.96 km2
Date declared as an AHP
Other international designations
Habitat types
Endau-Rompin is one of the oldest tropical rainforest complexes in the world and features rock formations some 248 million years old.
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47 species of amphibians and reptiles, 95 species of mammals, 250 species of birds, 76 species of fish, 453 taxa of higher plants from 237 genera and 74 families were recorded.

Unique Flora: The big-tree families in order of commonness include:
Dipterocarpaceae (23 species in 7 genera), Burseraceae (11 species in 4 genera), Anacardiaceae (20 species in 12 genera),
Leguminosae (10 species in 8 genera), Sapotaceae (8 species in 4 genera), Olacaceae (2 species in 2 genera), Oxalidaceae (1 species in 1 genus), Bombacaceae (2 species in 2 genera), Apocynaceae (3 species in 2 genera) and Sterculiaceae (6 species in 3 genera).

Unique Fauna:

Mammals endemic to Endau-Rompin include the Malayan tiger, Indochinese leopard, Clouded leopard, Asian golden cat, Leopard cat, Marbled cat, Asian elephant, Malayan tapir, Bornean bearded pig, Banded pig, Barking deer, Sambar deer, Lesser mouse deer, Greater mouse deer, Sunbear, Long-tailed macaque, Pig-tailed macaque, Dusky leaf monkey and Banded Langur.

It used to have the largest remaining population of the threatened Northern Sumatran rhinoceros species on the Malay Peninsula, but they are now extinct in the wild for the whole of Malaysia.[3]

The Gollum’s toad, Ingerophrynus gollum, is only known from the Endau-Rompin National Park.[4][5]

Habitat Types: Endau-Rompin is one of the oldest tropical rainforest complexes in the world and features rock formations some 248 million years old.

Upeh Guling – Soaking up the scenery of waterfalls
Buaya Sangkut – Trekking at the foot of waterfalls
Janing Barat- Explore the fan palm forest
Tasik Biru – Swim in the lakes with fishes
Kampung Peta – Experience authentic Orang Hulu culture and hospitality
Visit to the Orang Asli (Jakun tribe village)
Rubber tube rafting
Night safari

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