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ASEAN Heritage Parks

Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park

Both a natural and cultural heritage of Brunei, this is the country’s biggest wildlife sanctuary, a recreational centre and venue for research and education. It is one of the seven Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in the country, where you can find the Black Lake Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park is known as the home of ethnic Dusuns.

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32 km south of Tutong-Kuala Belait coastal highway on the west bank of Sungai Tutong in Mukim Rambal, Tutong District
78 sq km
Date declared as an AHP
29 November 1984, at the 2nd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand
Other international designations
Habitat types
Contact Information

Jabatan Muzium-Muzium
Kementerian Kebudayaan, Belia dan Sukan
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Instagram: @jabatanmuziummuziumbrunei

Unique Flora: Pitcher plants (Nepenthes ampularia, N. mirabilis, N. bicalcarata, and N. gracilis); agar wood or gaharu (Aqualaria beccariana); ramin (Gonystylus maingayi); purun (Lepironia articulata); kapur paya (Dryobalanops rappa); Dactylocladus stenostachysCyrtostachys rendaLicuala paludosa; and Barassodendron borneense.

Unique Fauna: Clouded leopard; banded linsang; white-collared fruit bat; endemic species of damselfly, Euphaea ameeka; biggest dragonfly, Tetracanthagyna plagiata; smallest dragonfly, Nannophya pygmaea; Bornean gibbon (Hylobates muelleri); proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus); Vordermann’s flying squirrel; gray leaf monkey; maroon langurs or red leaf monkey (Presleytis rubicanda); otter-civet (Cynogale bennettii); and reticulated python.

Habitat Types: Mangroves; freshwater swamp forest; peat swamps; lowland mixed dipterocarp forest; kerangas; old secondary forest; and grass marshes.

Villagers, known as the Dusuns, gather together in Tasek Merimbun when they celebrate the annual Adau Gayoh Festival, to express their gratitude for a good harvest. The traditional Dusun house is a sturdy structurebuilt entirely with materials from the forest and without nails; this evokes the handicraft skills of the Dusuns. Also in the Park are the nature trails, forest camp sites, environment-friendly boat ride or lake cruise at Tasek Merimbun Lake (Black Lake) and the lakeside gazebos; exhibition hall; interpretation trails; and walkway to Pulau Jeludong, archaeological site in the Park.

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