The ASEAN Clearing House Mechanism

The ASEAN Clearing House Mechanism

The ASEAN Clearing-House Mechanism (ASEAN CHM) is ACB’s contribution to science-based decision making for biodiversity conservation in Southeast Asia. It is designed to support the ASEAN Member States in meeting their reporting requirements to multilateral environmental agreements, particularly the Convention on Biological Diversity, with special emphasis on meeting the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

Features of the ASEAN CHM website

The ASEAN CHM serves as gateway to available biodiversity information in Southeast Asia. It is designed to provide a cohesive and integrated perspective of the region’s biological resources.

  • The ASEAN CHM provides a single entry point of the national CHMs of ASEAN Member States.
  • The national CHMs show the progress in biodiversity conservation efforts in each country.
  • The ASEAN CHM provides a gamut of services, information, capacity building guides, and tools to aid the ASEAN Member States in conservation planning, monitoring and decision making.
  • The species database, which are necessary inputs for planning and tracking conservation activities, holds almost 34,000 records.
  • As an early warning facility, the database on invasive alien species and potentially invasive species originating from the ASEAN region provides reference for necessary security action and raises the urgency of biodiversity conservation.
  • Auto summaries that support country analysis of threatened animals and plants can be accessed in just one click.
  • An interactive mapping tool aids in showing species in protected areas (PA) so that appropriate management intervention can be implemented.
  • Interactive graphs transform statistics into easy-to-understand visuals on ecosystems and species trends.
  • Capacity building tools are accessible online designed to assist ASEAN Member States in establishing their national CHMs, organizing species and PA information, and preparing Life at First Maturity (LFM) posters for public awareness campaigns.
  • The Friends of Biodiversity database makes it easy to locate and identify experts on various environment and biodiversity related fields in Southeast Asia.
  • The E-library holds some 10,000 journals, researches and articles in various environment and conservation topics, from terrestrial to marine ecosystems.
  • Through this website, mobile applications on the ASEAN Heritage Parks (AHP) webpage and the e-library can be downloaded for free.
  • Information on the resources and management of the region’s ASEAN Heritage Parks are available in this website.

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