ASEAN Green Initiative

ASEAN Green Initiative

The ASEAN region plays a vital role in global biodiversity conservation. It is home to at least 60 per cent of the world’s tropical peatlands, 42 per cent of mangroves, and 15 per cent of tropical forests, which provide vital ecosystem services to more than 650 million people in the region. While the ASEAN is known for its rich biodiversity, it is also vulnerable to disasters, deforestation, and other drivers of biodiversity loss. With its biodiversity and forest cover on a decline, the clock is ticking.

We are determined to turn this around through stronger collaboration and cooperation.

The ASEAN Green Initiative emphasises the importance of living out our shared responsibility to maintain the balance between biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Through this initiative, the ASEAN is demonstrating its commitment to ecosystem and habitat restoration, through science and knowledge-based forest ecosystem restoration activities.


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