ASEAN Biodiversity Dashboard

ASEAN Biodiversity Dashboard

The ASEAN Member States (AMS) have committed to taking coordinated and bold action to prevent species extinction across the Region and in line with their commitments and participation in the Convention on Biological Diversity, and other multilateral environmental agreements.

These commitments call on the AMS to take effective and informed action on biodiversity conservation driven by current and accessible data that supports forward-looking actions and allows for the evaluation of conservation efforts and tracking of targets.

The ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) has partnered with NatureServe in the development of the ASEAN Biodiversity Dashboard to provide key stakeholders in ASEAN access to an interactive, online platform for visualising trends and geographic variation in biodiversity indicators used worldwide.

The ASEAN Biodiversity Dashboard is designed to facilitate more effective and timely conservation decisions through the flexible provision of the most up-to-date biodiversity data holdings for the ASEAN region. This platform pools information from the AMS, the ACB and, where relevant, global data sources, including from data sources found on the ASEAN Regional Clearing-house Mechanism.

The ASEAN Biodiversity Dashboard is also designed to:

  • streamline national and regional reporting and assessment processes
  • enable more powerful and near-real time national and regional biodiversity target tracking
  • facilitate more effective and ongoing evaluations of the success of conservation investments
  • identify critical emerging issues facing biodiversity in the ASEAN region
  • strengthen transboundary conservation actions such as for the establishment of more contiguous and representative protected areas in the region.