Biodiversity Data:
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Vu Quang National Park

Vu Quang National Park is home to thousands of plants and animal species, many of which are in the need of conservation. It is located in a global priority ecological

U Minh Thuong National Park

The Park supports one of the last two significant areas of peat swamp forest remaining in Viet Nam (the other one being U Minh Ha), and is recognized as one

Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve

The second highest mountain range in Viet Nam, following the Hoang Lien Mountain, the highest in South Viet Nam and Indochina and recognised as a Key Biodiversity Area, Important Bird

Lo Go-Xa Mat National Park

Situated in the transition between Central Highlands, Southern Lowlands, and the Mekong Delta, Lo Go-Xa Mat supports low hills, seasonal inundated grasslands and swamps, natural rivers and streams etc. This

Kon Ka Kinh National Park

The highest point in the park is Kon Ka Kinh Mountain at 1,748 meters above sea level, while the southwest area is below 700 meters. Local people depend on the

Hoang Lien Sa Pa National Park

Covering 29,845 hectares in Viet Nam’s mountainous province of Lao Cai, Hong Lien Sa Pa National Park contains the country’s highest mountain, the Phan Xi Pang or Fansipan. This mountain

Con Dao Marine Protected Area

Con Dao is listed as a highest priority conservation area in Viet Nam. Con Dao is the most important sea turtle nesting sites, and the area is well known for

Chu Mom Ray National Park

The Park is named after Chu Mom Ray, which, at 1,773 meters, is the highest mountain in the region. Chu Mom Ray NationalPark is adjacent to Virachey National Park in

Bidoup Nui-Ba National Park

Situated in the Da Lat Plateau Endemic Bird Area, one of 221 Endemic Bird Areas (EBA) in the Earth, with 3 Important Bird Areas (IBA) identified in the areas which

Bai Tu Long National Park

Considered as one of the hotspots on biodiversity of Viet Nam, Bai Tu Long is the home of 106 rare and endangered species and the presence of locally named tung