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ASEAN Heritage Parks

Preah Monivong (Bokor) National Park

The Park is well-known for its refreshing climate, views,and waterfalls. It also has a catchment area for Touk Chhou, a major river flowing to Kampot. The Park is hilly in the north and east, with a plateau and escarpment in the west and southwest. The Park measures 140,000 hectares, and spans three southern provinces: Kampot, Kampong Spue and Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia. The area forms part of the Elephant Mountains, which is contiguous with the Cardamm Mountain range to the northeast. The southern boundary of the park is located less than one kilometer from the coastline of the Gulf of Thailand.

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Kampot Province, Kampong Spue Province, and Preah Sihanouk Province.
1,400 sq km
Date declared as an AHP
18 December 2003, at the Signing of ASEAN Declaration on Heritage Parks
Other international designations
Habitat types
Contact Information

Yang Phyrum
AHP Manager
Tel.: +855 12923738

Unique Flora: Burretiodendron hsienmu, a valuable flowering plant; ferns and bogs; Insectivorous sundew plants; dipterocarp trees.

Unique Fauna: Pileated gibbon (Hylobates pileatus); eastern porcupine; Kalij pheasant; green peafowl; chestnut-headed partridge; bear; civet; elephant; tiger; leopard; gaur; sun bears;  binturong; and hornbills.

Habitat Types: Virgin lowland forest; dry dipterocarp; mixed deciduous; moist tropical evergreen and small montane forests on highest points; mangrove in the south; dwarf montane forest on top of a mountainous plateau.

The abandoned French Hill Station and the grand Bokor Palace Hotel as the centerpiece of the small community is one of the ecotourism destinations of the park.Mt. Bokor, the Park’s highest point, is perfect for hikers who seek adventure and the mountainous plateau at 1,079 meters above sea level provides a spectacular view of the Cambodian coast.

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