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ASEAN Heritage Parks

Nat Ma Taung National Park

Known as a “plant hunter’s paradise” for its floral biodiversity, the Nat Ma Taung National Park features Mt. Victoria (called in Chin language as Khaung Neu Thom or “Earth Mother Goddess”), the highest mountain in Chin Hill, Chin State.

The Park measures 722,600 hectares in Kampetlat, Matupi, and Mindat Townships of Myanmar.

Photo Gallery

Kanpetlet, Matupi and Mindat Townships
7,226 sq km
Date declared as an AHP
25 September 2012, at the 14th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting, Thailand
Other international designations
Habitat types
Contact Information

Thein Lwin
AHP Manager
Tel.: +95 67405002

Unique Flora: Potentilamontis victorade; Rhododendron burmanicum and R. cuffeanum, Roseoea australis; Hyponodopis spatulata; rare orchids and mosses.

Unique Fauna: White-browed nuthatch (Sitta victoriae); serow (Capricomis sumatrensis); gibbons; Himalayan black bear; and lizard (Calotes chinollium).

Habitat Types: Lowland dipterocarp forest; hill evergreen forest; moist upper mixed deciduous forests, pine forest and hill savannah.

Mt. Victoria is the site of many traditional customs. The Chin people also have their own unique customs, including the Chin National Day celebrated annually on February 20 to show traditional Chin arts and crafts, sports competitions like traditional archery, and also to feature the women folk with tattooed faces.

Guests can also visit the Aye Sakan and Chin villages to see Y-posts showing record of significant events and dates in the family’s life, trophy boards inside the house, and stone slabs.

Other activities in Nat Ma Taung National Parkinclude mountain climbing, trekking, bird watching, observing endemic and rare flora and fauna, and orchid tours.

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