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ASEAN Heritage Parks

Kinabalu National Park

One of the biggest attractions of Sabah State, the Kinabalu National Park measures 75,370 hectares and covers District of Kota Belud, Kota Marudu and Ranau, Sabah. Its highest peak is Mt. Kinabalu at 4,101 meters, which continuous to rise five millimeters per year, as the world’s youngest granite pluton. Poring Hot Spring is the lowest elevation.

Experts believe that this national park contains the richest and most remarkable assemblage of plants in the world.

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Kota Belud District, Kota Marudu District and Ranau District in Sabah
753.7 sq km
Date declared as an AHP
29 November 1984, at the 2nd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand
Other international designations
World Heritage Site
Habitat types
Contact Information

Maipol Bin Spait
AHP Manager
Tel.: +60 88523500

Unique Flora: Famous slipper orchids (Paphiopedilum rothschildianum); buttercups; climbing madder (Rubiaceae); Rosaceous trees; pitcher plants (Nepenthes burbidgeae, N. rajah and N. villosa); Ficus species; ginger species; Rafflesia pricei and R. keithii; ferns; Rhododendron species (R. ericoides, R. buxifolium, R. fallacinum; R. stenophyllum and R. abietifolium)

Unique Fauna:Deer, bearded pig, gibbon, honey bear, orangutans, squirrels, black shrew, Kinabalu shrew, Kinabalu friendly warbler,mountain blackbird; mountain blackeye; chestnut-capped laughing thrush.

Habitat Type: Hill dipterocarp forest; sub-montane forest dominated by Lauraceae and Fagaceae; stunted upper montane heath rhododendron forests; bare granite massif. Six unique

Major topographical features: peaks and plateaus; gullies, rivers, streams and waterfalls; hot springs and caves; granite slabs at the slopes of the summit.

The climate, scenery and floral and faunal splendors of the Park will greet the tourists; guests can then see the butterfly house, ethnic garden, mini zoo and a large waterfall. They can also experience the canopy walkway, or the forest walk.

For the adventurous, the Park offers peaks and rocks to climb. Also, there is the granite massif of Mt. Kinabalu for hikers, scramblers and rock climbers.

For thosewho want a cultural experience, they can get to know the folklore and local traditions of the Hill Dusuns: the largest ethnic group in Sabah. This group is noted for their basketry and other handicrafts, traditional farming, as well as the sacred resting places of the spirits of their ancestors.

Apart from exciting activities, Kinabalu National Park also offers a natural way to relax: bathe in the Poring Hot Spring.

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