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ASEAN Heritage Parks

Kerinci-Seblat National Park

KerinciSeblat is one of Southeast Asia’s largest conservation areas. It harbors the oldest tropical rainforest in Asia and protects the world’s largest flowers and hundreds of plants and animals not found anywhere else in the world. It nestles several mountain lakes, notably the Danau Gunung Tujuh (Lake of the Seven Mountains). It is part of the 2.5 million hectare Tropical rainforest Heritage of Sumatra, which is a World Heritage Site.

One of the most important habitats for tigers, Mt. Kerinci is the highest mountain in Sumatra and the second highest in Indonesia. The Park measures 1.4 million hectares, and is located along the provinces of West Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu and South Sumatra, Indonesia.

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West Sumatra Province, Jambi Province, Bengkulu Province, South Sumatra Province
78 sq km
Date declared as an AHP
29 November 1984, at the 2nd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand
Other international designations
World Heritage Site
Habitat types
Contact Information

Muslim Arief Toengkagie
AHP Manager
Tel.: +62 74822250
Fax: +62 74822300

Unique Flora: World’s tallest flower: Amorphophallus titanium (when flowering), A. gigas (non-flowering phase); the world’s largest flower: Rafflesia (Rafflesia arnoldi); Cendawan harimau; dipterocarps; rhododendrons; epiphytes; orchids; mosses

Unique Fauna:Sumatran elephant; Sumatran rhinoceros; wild mountain goat; golden cat; siamang; dark-handed gibbon; long-tailed and pig-tailed macaques; hornbills; Asian tapir; Malay sun bear; Asian wild dog; “orang pendek”, a primate.

Habitat Types: Seven forest types: lowland, hill, sub-montane, lower montane, mid-montane, upper montane and the sub-alpine; freshwater swamp; peat swamp.

Tourists can try climbing to the summit of Gunung Kerinci, to experience the stunning view, starting from Kersik Tuo through tea and cinnamon plantations. Apart from bird watching, the park offers a guided trek between villages along ancient trading paths, as well as longer treks through the deep rainforests.

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