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  • INVITATION TO BID: Provision of Health Care Services for the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB)

    Provision of Health Care Services for the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB)

    The ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) intends to apply the sum of One Million Four Hundred Twenty-Four Thousand One Hundred Eighty-Seven and 80/100 Pesos (PHP 1,424,187.80), being the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) to payments under the contract for the provision of a Health Care Services for the 53 staff and 6 dependents for the period from 9 May 2024 to 8 May 2025. Bids received in excess of the ABC shall be automatically rejected at bid opening. The ACB is zero rated VAT as per BIR Ruling ITAD No. 059-20 dated 24 July 2020.

    The ACB now invites bids for the Provision of Health Care Services for 53 staff and 6 dependents for the period from 9 May 2024 to 8 May 2025. The Provision of Health Care Services is one (1) year which may be extended on a periodic month-to month basis not to exceed an aggregate period of one (1) year. Bidders should have completed within the last three (3) years from the date of submission and receipt of bids, a contract similar to the project, equivalent to at least fifty percent (50%) of the ABC. The description of an eligible bidder is contained in the Bidding Documents particularly, in Section II. Instruction to Bidders.

    Bidding will be conducted through open competitive bidding procedures using a non-discretionary “pass/fail” criterion as specified in the 2016 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) 9184, otherwise known as the “Government Procurement Reform Act”.

    Bidding is open to all interested bidders, subject to the conditions for eligibility provided in the IRR of RA 9184 and the ACB procurement Guidelines.

    The complete set of Bidding Documents may be acquired by interested Bidders on 3 April 2024 either physically, from the address below, or digitally, from the ACB website. Payment of the non-refundable fee in the amount of Five Thousand Pesos (PHP 5,000.00) for the bidding documents is accepted thru bank transfer to the ACB bank account details below:

    Bank Account No.: 0911-0141-06
    Bank of the Philippines Island (BPI)
    National Highway, Batong Malake
    Los Baṅos, Laguna

    The ACB will hold a Pre-Bid Conference on 17 April 2024, 1:00 PM through video conferencing, which shall be open to prospective bidders. Prospective bidders are advised to send a letter of intent containing the names and email addresses of interested participants on or before 17 April 2024, 10:00 AM. Kindly coordinate with the BAC Secretariat prior to said date for further details and instructions.

    Bids must be duly received by the BAC Secretariat at the address below on or 2 May 2024 at exactly 10:00 AM. All Bids must be accompanied by a bid security in any of the acceptable forms and in the amount stated in ITB.

    Bid opening shall be on 2 May 2024, 10:01 A.M. at the ACB Conference Room, Domingo M. Lantican Avenue, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna. Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at the address below. Late bids shall not be accepted.

    The bidders shall drop one (1) original and one (1) copy of their bids containing the technical component of the bid, including the eligibility requirements and financial component of the bid, in two (2) separate sealed envelopes in the bid box located at the above-mentioned address.

    The ACB reserves the right to reject any and all bids, declare a failure of bidding, or not award the contract at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders.

    For further information, please refer to:

    BAC Secretariat
    ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity
    Domingo Lantican Avenue
    University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna
    Tel. nos: +6349 536 2865; +632 584 4210

    BAC Vice-Chairperson
    Bids and Awards Committee

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