Our Key Programmes

Mainstreaming Biodiversity

Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) adopted a decision on mainstreaming, as they recognised that it is critical for achieving the objectives of the CBD and stressed the importance of mainstreaming biodiversity in the sectors of energy and mining, infrastructure, manufacturing, and processing for halting the loss of biodiversity.  

The Parties also recognised the role of the business and financial sectors, indigenous peoples and local communities, civil society, local and subnational governments, academia, as well as women, youth, and other relevant stakeholders in promoting and implementing the mainstreaming of biodiversity.

With this, the ACB is working with the ASEAN Member States to ensure the mainstreaming of biodiversity in the entire ASEAN integration and development processes.  The ACB will support both regional and national activities that will mainstream biodiversity in: 

(i) agriculture

(ii) forestry

(iii) fisheries and aquaculture

(iv) tourism

(v) cities and urban development

(vi) health

(vii) energy, mining and infrastructure, manufacturing and processing; 

(viii) education