Biodiversity Data:
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Prof. Suchana Chavanich

For Professor Dr. Suchana Chavanich, building a legacy of scientific discoveries is only half the journey. To ensure real-world impact, she recognizes that scientists also have to effectively communicate their

Prof. Chou Loke Ming

To say that Professor Chou Loke Ming is an unrelenting champion of marine protection and conservation is an understatement. His potent call to action, “If the corals have not given

Senator Loren Legarda

Growing up in the City of Malabon, a flood-prone area in Metro Manila, Philippines, Senator Loren Legarda had witnessed first-hand the impact of environmental destruction.

Nay Win Swe

Amid the beauty and stillness of Inlay Lake nestled in Eastern Myanmar, Mr. Nay Win Swe is a familiar figure, often seen moving gingerly across the water as he monitors

Khamphay Xayyalad

Forester devotes expertise to protecting the endangered Eld’s deer

With its regal physique and impressive antlers (for males), the Eld’s deer (Rucervus eldii) is a sight to behold. Known to

Dr. Anhar Lubis

Having worked as a wildlife veterinarian for nearly three decades, there’s hardly a dull moment for Dr. Anhar Lubis.

Currently the head veterinarian at the Leuser Conservation Forum (Forum

Chak Sokhavicheaboth

When Mr. Chak Sokhavicheaboth graduated in 1991 with a degree in Forestry Engineering, he had no notion that he would be spending the next three decades being in the frontlines