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ASEAN Heritage Parks

Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuaryhas an area of 4.11 hectaresand is located at the eastern section of City of Mati. It is situated at an elevation of 1,160 meters above sea level.

This lake holds water during the rainy season but disappears during the dry season, hence its name. Folkloric tale disclosed that the locals considered Tinagong Dagat as a mythical sea on top of the mountain as they observed high and low tide scenes. The site has a total surface area of 7,132.76 hectares. It is clearly definedon the ground, which consists of 6,348.99 hectaresof core zone and 783.77 hectaresof buffer zone.

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Along the Pujada Peninsula in the south-eastern part of the Eastern Mindanao
6.83 sq km
Date declared as an AHP
21 October 2014, at the the 15th Informal ASEAN Ministerial Meeting, Lao PDR
Other international designations
World Heritage Site
Habitat types
Contact Information

Ruel Colong
AHP Manager
Tel.: +63 822344401

Unique Flora: Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuaryhouses a total of 963 species of flora belonging to 427 genera and 166 families,729 of which are angiosperms, 27 gymnosperms, 152 ferns, 13 fern allies, 17 mosses, 13liverworts, and 13 lichens.Other globally threatened species of flora, such as Paphiopedilum ciliolare, Diospyros philippinensis, Dendrobium sanderae var. surigaense,and Mangifera altissima are likewise located in this sanctuary.Shorea (S. astylosa, S. polysperma, S. Contorta, S. guiso and S. negrosensis are likewise available here

Unique Fauna: Philippine Eagle,(Pithecophaga jefferyi), Philippine Cockatoo(Cacatua heamatopygia), Arhopala Eridanus davalma, Taraka hamada dustinkeani, Paruparocebuensis hamiguitanensis sspn.,the highlyrare Delias magsadana, Stejgener’s Megophrys(Megophrys stejnegeri), Mueller’s Toad(Ansoniamuelleri), pointed‐snouted tree frog(Philautus acutirostris),Philippine Woodland Frog(Limnonectes magnus)

Habitat Types: Major habitat types are dipterocarp forests, montane forests, mossy forests, and mossy-pygmy forests.

The wondrous beauty of this mossy‐pygmy forest caught the attention of people, including the natives in the area. Waterfalls are found inside the Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary. The Twin Falls is situated at the fringe of the mossy‐pygmy forest, while the Danlogan Falls is found at the foot of the dipterocarp forest. The Dumagooc falls (also known as Pandugaan falls) is famous to locals of Governor Generoso, and is located about 500 meters below the Twin falls. These majestic falls are favorite destinations to many local and foreign tourists, and mountaineering enthusiasts. Smaller falls are likewise present, such as the Licub and Puting Bato falls. Lastly, the site exhibits a lone lake called Tinagong Dagat literally translated as “Hidden Sea”.

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