-Grant Management and Monitoring System

-Grant Management and Monitoring System

Developing and implementing adequate solutions and interventions for different local partners, and improving their livelihood

The ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) and the German Development Bank (KfW) have agreed to implement a Small Grants Programme (SGP), with the initial phase of the Programme focusing on the two countries of Myanmar and Indonesia. One of its main components is the Small Grants Programming in which financing is provided for the development and implementation of small grants for biodiversity protection with the participation of the local population in and around ASEAN Heritage Parks in the jointly selected ASEAN Member States. For this purpose, a system is needed to track and monitor these small grants.

The ACB-AHP Small Grants Programme Grant Management and Monitoring System (GRAMMS) is a web-based system which maintains, audits, and tracks grants/contracts awarded in the past, present, or planned to be requested in the future. It will also track the full cycle of the grant (from the pre-award stage, through project implementation, to eventual completion), as shown in the figure below.

The system also provide a central repository for grant-related documents which can be organized, updated and quickly retrieved. Also the system comes with flexible, prebuilt highlights reports to inform the users on the current, up-to-date overview of their grant/contract efforts and outputs.