Vision, Mission & Goals

Vision, Mission & Goals

We are ASEAN’s response to the
challenge of biodiversity loss.

Our Vision
An ASEAN region whose biodiversity is conserved, sustainably managed and used, and equitably shared for the well-being of its peoples.

Our Mission
To effectively facilitate regional cooperation and deliver capacity building services to the AMS in conserving biodiversity.

Our Goals

  • Facilitate coordination and cooperation on regional biodiversity conservation programmes
  • Deliver capacity-building services
  • Develop regional mechanisms to sustainably manage and protect biodiversity and ecosystems and strengthen ASEAN regional positions in negotiations and in compliance with relevant multilateral environmental agreements
  • Impart and deliver to AMS the knowledge and tools on managing biodiversity
  • Enhance the linkage between science and policy on biodiversity
  • Promote multi-stakeholder and leadership awareness of the values of biodiversity and the actions they can take to conserve it
  • Undertake resource generation and mobilization measures for impact activities that will enhance biodiversity conservation in the region
  • Enhance ACB’s capacity and sustainability as a regional centre of excellence on biodiversity