We are ASEAN’s response to the
challenge of biodiversity loss.


The European Union and the ASEAN signed a financing agreement to support the establishment and full operationalization of ACB.ACB was established and officially launched during the 9th  Informal ASEAN Ministerial Meeting by the Environment Ministers of the ASEAN Member States.


The Philippines became the first ASEAN Member State to ratify the ACB Establishment Agreement (EA) on 14 July 2006. Viet Nam ratified the EA on 31 October 2006. The Host Country Agreement between the Philippines and ACB was signed on 8 August 2006.


ACB joined forces with the SCBD to act as a collaborative centre of excellence for the promotion of the three objectives of the CBD.


ACB finalized a joint work plan with the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD). Three more AMS ratified the Establishment Agreement: Brunei Darussalam (8 May 2008), Lao PDR (2 October 2008), and Singapore (28 October 2008).


The Host Country Agreement between ACB and the Philippines entered into force after ratification by the Philippine Senate.The first ASEAN Conference on Biodiversity 2009 (ACB2009) was successfully conducted in Singapore.

The ASEAN Heritage Parks Committee was formed and held its first meeting in October 2009.

ACB held its first Partners’ Forum as a parallel session to ACB2009.

ACB became a full-fledged international organization after Myanmar ratified ACB Establishment Agreement on 8 July 2009. Following Brunei Darussalam, Lao PDR, Philippines, Singapore and Viet Nam.


Publication of the ASEAN Biodiversity Outlook.

Publication of the ASEAN Heritage Parks: A Journey to the Natural Wonders of Southeast Asia.

Completion of the Project: ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity supported by the European Union.

The Biodiversity and Climate Change Project commenced with support from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).


The Government of the Philippines provided its full support to the Centre by funding its operations.

ACB and its partners recognized the first batch of ASEAN Champions of Biodiversity from the business, youth and media sectors.

Conversion of the ASEAN Biodiversity Information Sharing Service into the ASEAN Clearing-House Mechanism.


Implementation of big projects, including the Biodiversity and Climate Change Project, the ASEAN-TEEB, and GTI.

Superbrands awarded ACB with the Outstanding Dignitary Award for its work on biodiversity conservation and advocacy in Southeast Asia.

Brunei became the first ASEAN Member State to contribute to the ASEAN Biodiversity Fund.


Thailand ratified the ACB EA on 19 February 2013 and contributed to the ABF.

Malaysia ratified the ACB EA on 29 April 2013.

Started implementing six pilot projects in four AMS under the Biodiversity and Climate Change Project.

Eight AMS supported by ACB in crafting national work plans on access and benefit sharing.


Completion of the project on Building Capacity for Regionally Harmonized National Processes for Implementing Convention on Biological Diversity Provisions on Access and Benefit Sharing funded by UNEP-GEF.

Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Singapore contributed to the ABF.

ACB implemented the ASEAN Biodiversity Secondment Programme. ACB launched the mobile applications for CHM.


ACB celebrated its 10th year anniversary with the theme “ACB and the ASEAN Member States, 2005 to 2015: A Decade of Cooperation on Biodiversity Conservation.”

With the support from the Government of the Philippines, ACB started the construction of its new headquarters building.

The EU committed to support ACB for 2015-2020 through the project Biodiversity Conservation and Management of Protected Areas in ASEAN.

ACB started implementing the AHP Development through Capacity Enhancement and Information Management project under the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund.

Implementation of projects under the ASEAN-German Cooperation, including the Institutional Strengthening of Biodiversity in ASEAN, Biodiversity-Based Products for Economic Development and Livelihoods, and the Small Grants Programme.


The second Conference on Biodiversity (ACB2016) was successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand.

On 2 February 2016, Cambodia ratified the ACB EA.